Jan, 2014

Spring Cleaning

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As the weather gets warmer, flowers blossom, and daylight savings marches in, we welcome the beauty of spring. Spring forces everyone to reevaluate their waistline but forget to makeover their homes. Spring cleaning can be very overwhelming especially if you have limited time to dedicate to give your house a deep cleaning before the out of town guests come for a brief or perhaps extended stays.
Despite the size of your home, you can follow these tips to spruce up your home so you can have a piece of mind:

  • 1. Breath new air: open up your windows to allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home
  • 2. Organize your closets: discard unwanted, unused items that may benefit someone else by donating them to places like Salvation Army and Vietnam Veterans of America
  • 3. Paint stains?: the winter months forces us to stay cooped up inside which leaves more room for mishaps like stains on the wall. Clean off food and juice stains with a damp towel and soap suds.
  • 4. Carpet cleaning: rent a deep cleaning vacuum from your local hardware store to get out stains and odors
  • 5. Bathroom and kitchen tile: this may require some elbow work depending on the level of stains that have accrued
  • 6. Wood floors: dust and polish wood floors for a shine
  • 7. Window washing: wipe down windows to get that sparkle and radiant sunlight in your home
  • 8. Have allergies?: remove dust by dusting down lamps and light bulbs
  • 9. We still see that: a number of people forget to wipe down their baseboards but dirt is still noticeable depending on the amount of dirt buildup
  • 10. Gutter cleaning: leaves and sticks may have gotten trapped in your gutter which causes a larger problem if not removed in a timely manner

Once the deep cleaning is done, you will only have to dedicate 30-60 minutes biweekly to maintain a clean home.
Happy Cleaning!!


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